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Our Innovative Approach To Pharmacy

Going to the pharmacy to get your prescriptions is not something that you should dread doing. At RevolutionMeds Pharmacy in Fairfax, we have worked hard to redefine pharmacy so that you can expect a lot more from your pharmacy and have the pleasant experience that you deserve. From our innovative, holistic approach to providing automated delivery to your home, RevolutionMeds Pharmacy is here to show you what pharmacy can and should be. Continue reading to learn more about our pharmacy and the specific things that set us apart!



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Our Mission and Vision

RevolutionMeds Pharmacy was founded with the mission to redefine pharmacy, and we are proud to say that is exactly what we have done. We have worked diligently to gain the trust of our patients as we take the time to get to know them and understand their needs, as well as show them that we truly care about their health and wellness.

It is our mission and vision to continue building on this foundation as we find new ways to improve medication adherence and make it easy for anyone and everyone to manage their medications properly. Contact our team at RevolutionMeds Pharmacy today with any questions!

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Our Advanced Pharmacy Services

One of the biggest things that set RevolutionMeds Pharmacy apart from other pharmacies in the Fairfax area is our advanced pharmacy services. Are you tired of making multiple trips to the pharmacy, or spending hours on end waiting for your prescriptions to be filled? Maybe you struggle more once you get your prescriptions home and begin to sort your medications for each of the coming days. When you are on multiple medications, it is nearly impossible to keep them all straight and remember which medications are for what. This is where our pharmacy services come to the rescue!

Synced and Sorted

Our licensed pharmacist and professional staff work to create an appropriate medication schedule that is customized to you – synchronizing and sorting all your medications to avoid interactions.


We pre-package your medications each month into easy to open single-dose packages – all you have to do is take the medications within the package on the day and time indicated.

Delivered To Your Door

Once packaged, RevolutionMeds Pharmacy delivers your medication box to your doorstep each and every month – eliminating the need for you to go to the pharmacy as well as the risk of you running out of medication.

Medication Snapshot

With every month’s shipment, you will receive a Medication Snapshot. This contains a list of your current medications, the prescriber, the directions for use, and what they are being used to treat.

What Makes Revolution Meds Pharmacy Different?

There are three main areas of service and processes that make RevolutionMeds Pharmacy stand out from other pharmacies. Below, we will dive deeper into those areas. If you have any questions or concerns, or would like to speak to one of our pharmacists about switching your medications to RevolutionMeds Pharmacy, give us a call today!

The Importance of a Holistic Approach

When it comes to your healthcare providers, there is no one quite like your pharmacist. With all your other providers sending in your scripts, your pharmacist is not only the one getting you the medication you need, but they are also closing any gaps between prescribers to ensure that you are on the proper medications and that there’s no potential for interactions. This plays a major part in our holistic care approach at RevolutionMeds Pharmacy.

This type of approach is vital to creating streamlined care and improved patient outcomes as you get the specific treatments you need right away, and you don’t end up with healthcare providers that are unknowingly working against each other as they are each trying to treat something within their expertise. A holistic approach provides heightened communication and a better overall pharmacy experience. Contact our team today for more information!

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Meet John Jacoub – Owner, Pharmacist

John grew up in Fairfax County and has worked as a pharmacist in the area since 2008.  He always felt there was something missing from the typical approach to pharmacy services and realized there had to be a better way for a pharmacy to interact with their customers, which led him to create and build RevolutionMeds Pharmacy.

John’s deep faith and love for people are his motivations. His vision for RevolutionMeds Pharmacy is to always show compassion, to educate, and be a true friend his customers can rely on. He wants to reduce the confusion that comes with medications, with regard to health and insurance. He strongly believes this approach to pharmacy will lead to a meaningful improvement in the health and well being of his customers.


Choosing RevolutionMeds as Your Preferred Pharmacy

Are you ready to take the next step to a redefined pharmacy experience that allows you and your health to be the main focus of your care? Choose RevolutionMeds Pharmacy in Fairfax as your preferred pharmacy today to get started!

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