Believe it or not, there is no additional charge to receive your medications in daily packets from RevolutionMeds Pharmacy. Just your regular copay. And, no additional cost for in-home pharmacy delivery!
We accept all major insurance plans, including all Medicare part D plans, Caremark (including federal employee program), Express Scripts, Tricare, Aetna, Cigna, United Health, etc. For more prescription insurance information, contact RevolutionMeds Pharmacy in Fairfax today!
At RevolutionMeds, we understand there is a lot of confusion about copays. During our initial meeting, we will review your entire medication regimen, and tell you what your copay will be at our pharmacy. Contact us today to get started!
If you would like to use our pharmacy services, just say so and we will do the rest. We will coordinate with your doctor and current pharmacy to make sure the process is seamless.
We are a full-service pharmacy. We will still synchronize and dispense these medications and deliver alongside your medication box.
We can fill these medications in traditional pharmacy vials. We will review this process during the initial consultation and establish a plan that works best for you.
Yes. We can include any daily vitamins, supplements, and over the counter medications in your daily packets.
We proactively manage all prescription refills for you by communication directly with your doctor’s office. All you have to do is have a conversation with us a few days before each cycle and we do the rest.
We will coordinate repackaging your medication box if there is a change mid-cycle.
Like a typical pharmacy, our first priority is ensuring the correct medication is dispensed. We triple check each medication box before you receive it so it is the right drug and the right dose. Every time.